Bebe – Clothing for Women

Bebe – Clothing for Women
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Are you a woman and are you curious about women’s clothing? If your answer is yes, this is the right time to know more about one popular website company in clothing, bebe. This company was founded for long time ago. It said that this company firstly founded in 1976, and the founder of this company was Manny Mashouf. Actually, in the history of its development, it was only small apparel. Back to the first time Machouf open it in San Fransisco, United States, it was only small store and only had three categories of women’s clothing; junior, bridge, and misses. Through time, the brand develops into bigger company and start to produce many accessories and apparel for women.

How Many Stores Are Existing?

Because of the development of technology and human needs, of course bebe also feels the effect. It began to grow bigger and bigger day by day. The stores no longer only one store, but it starts to reach other places to fulfill human needs, especially women’s clothes. Until nowadays, the data said that there are about 312 stores in total of this company.  From 312 stores in total, 32 stores are 2b bebe stores, 64 are Bebesport stores, and 215 are the store itself.

Where You can Find the Stores?

Actually, the location of the stores is mostly in United States. Besides that, you still can find this store in the District of Columbia, in some places of U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. You also still have a chance to find the store in Puerto Rico. For the international sales, you can find the stores in some countries, such as Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Israel, Thailand, Mexico, UAE and Turkey as well.

Because the area that is reached by this company is quiet large, you can monitor the website of bebe itself to find out the new product of this company. Then, when you are interested to buy the product, you can go to the nearest stores in your country. So, what do you think about this clothing apparel?

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