H&R Block At Home Helps You File Taxes Easier

H&R Block At Home Helps You File Taxes Easier
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When it comes time to do your taxes, many people will choose to do their own taxes at home. Many people choose to use free tax preparation software, but the best tax software is created by the people who know taxes best. The major players in the game are TurboTax and H&R Block. Both are great programs, but in this review, we will take a look at H&R Block.

For years the best choice for those that have their taxes done by professionals has been H&R Block. The company has been in business for many years and has catered to many millions of happy customers. Compared to some professional services the fees from H&R Block are more reasonable. When it became ‘in fashion’ to use software for people to file taxes at home, H&R Block was one of the first to see how well such companies as TurboTax did in an online environment and chose to take a lesson in serving customers in the office and at home.

H&R Block’s software can be downloaded and installed on your computer, or it can be used exclusively on-site without any download. This is great for people on the go. You may access your tax information with any internet enabled device. H&R block’s software stores all of your information on a safe and secure server, this means that you can use the previous year’s information to complete your taxes if most of your information is the same. It is easy to change information if you need, change deductions, add in a new home address, and more.

The program is very professional, yet user-friendly. When you use the software, it is almost as if you are actually sitting in an H&R Block office speaking with a tax preparation professional. Every question is clearly written, and even the hardest portions of filing taxes are made easy with H&R Block’s step by step guided process.

The price for the software is low if you choose to buy the program. For those that need to file just simple taxes, such as a 1040-EZ, filing federal taxes is free. Submitting your state taxes comes with a fee, but is low priced and painless.

Self-employed filers will not be able to use the service for free, but the cost is much lower than in-office visits, and the state filing fee is included. H&R Block also offers guarantees with the paid services that will help any tax filer in the event of mistakes. In fact, if the software detects a mistake, you won’t be allowed to file until you fix them!

All in all, H&R Block At Home is one of the very best options in tax preparation software.


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