Made In America: Yankee Candles

Made In America: Yankee Candles
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Buying American Made Products To Support American Jobs

Yankee Candles being made in America was actually a bit of a surprise to me, although I don’t really know why. Honestly, I hadn’t seriously thought about buying products made in America before ABC News did their now famous series on the subject. I’m also relieved to find that I won’t have to change candle brands to buy wonderfully scented quality candles that are also American made.

I know, no one would be forcing me to change candle brands. But to support and create more American jobs, there has to be more demand for American made products. Therefore, when it’s time to buy my holiday candles and when it’s time to buy my favorite kitchen, bedroom or bathroom candles…I’ll proudly support American jobs by buying Yankee Candles, proudly Made In America.

Yankee Ingenuity Gave Us Yankee Candles

When a teenager found he couldn’t afford to buy his mother a Christmas present, he decided to make one for her. Mike Kittredge used melted crayons to make the candle. This is still a favorite frugal craft idea, you know ~ using our kids’ broken crayons to make or colorize new candles. What a wise young man!

A neighbor talked him into selling her his candle gift. So, the teen made two more candles with the money from the sale.

Today, Yankee Candle is America’s best selling candle…and for good reason. The quality of Yankee Candles is second to none. Yankee Candle offers over 150 scents through about 500 stores, as well as online through their web site, Amazon and other venues.

Yankee Candle makes candles in lots of scents and sizes, votive candles and votive candle holders, scented wax tarts and tart warmers, candle accessories, lip balm, hand sanitizers, car fragrances, scented wall plug-ins, reed diffusers, room spray and many more products.

An American Favorite.

Yankee Candle Jar Candles Burn Approximately 50 Hours

Yankee Candles have become America’s favorite scented candle over the years and it’s no surprise.

Quality ingredients and enormously popular scents make these the go to candle for our homes. They smell so wonderful that many of us have Yankee Candles all over our homes. I do!

Candle makers are ‘chandlers’ and Yankee Candles are made by Master Chandlers.

Yankee Candle Company Preparing For Sale In 2013

According to masslive.com in March, the Yankee Candle Company is about to be sold by the private equity company Madison Dearborn Partners in 2006.

Yankee Candle had hired 150 mostly manufacturing positions in 2011. Yankee Candle has a North American wholesale customer network of approximately 20,200 store locations; a growing base of Company owned and operated retail stores (518 Yankee Candle Stores located in 44 states as of April 2, 2011).
The article went on to say: Yankee Candle has 1,600 employees at its headquarters and flagship store in South Deerfield and factory in nearby Whately. It is the largest scented candle company in the world with $201.1 million in profit and $844.2 million in revenue in 2012.

It’s sad to see a family business become a huge impersonal corporation. Hopefully, there will be no jobs lost after the sale.

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