New High School Grads: An Associate Degree Can Save Money!

New High School Grads: An Associate Degree Can Save Money!
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Online courses for your associate degree can be the new way of beginning and finishing an education. A degree is a must-have in todays economy and with the availability of online programs that offer anything from certificates to an online two-year degree, it is easy to get started.

A conventional associate degree takes usually about two years from start to finish. This degree is offered by a wide array of vocational schools, junior colleges and also four year universities. With the move of offering schools on the “net”, earning courses for your associate degree online is becoming a popular means to begin. Here we will look at these benefits.

It Makes Dollars and Sense

Parents of a recent high school graduate know that a college degree is a must. Many high school grads have already checked into some of the programs they are interested in. Earning courses toward an associate degree online offers the high school grad the freedom to work flexible hours and still go to school.

Sure, online courses are not cheap, but they are usually less expensive than attendance at a brick and mortar school. If a high school grad knows the kind of field s/he is hoping to work in, the combination of studying online while working in that field is a perfect means of increasing future employability. If the new high school grad is unsure of the path he or she wants to take, then courses online can be a great way for him or her to learn what’s out there.

For example, a student intending to work in the healthcare field might take advantage of starting out in the health field as an aide, participate in one of the online programs that lead to certification while working, and then pass whatever diploma or certificate the school offers.

As the student continues to work in the chosen field and pursues online courses, there is a good chance that the money earned may be saved toward the future tuition needed for a bachelor’s degree. What is more, the combination of degree while conscientiously working may move the student into a position to take advantage of an employer paid tuition reimbursement plan.

A high school student who visits a brick and mortar school for a college degree cannot become this kind of asset to an employer. Thus, employment is often sought at venues that might have little if anything to do with the student’s chosen field, simply because the company offers flexible hours that allow for class attendance.

Advantages for Employed Students

Some online courses, most notably those offered by the University of Phoenix, accept life experience and work experience as partially satisfying some prerequisites to successfully earning one of their advanced online degrees.

The student, who looks to online courses toward an associate degree, will eventually earn a two-year degree while working in the chosen field and actively building up the kind of experience that eventually translates into life credit. Not only does this move save money for such a student, but it helps to increase the speed with which an advanced degree is earned.

In turn, this enables the student to move up quicker in the ranks at the chosen career position. All things considered, taking online courses for your associate degree saves money and makes a lot of sense – especially for recent high school graduates who are not sure if they are ready for college.

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