The Amazing Statement Jacket I Can’t Stop Wearing & How To Style It

The Amazing Statement Jacket I Can’t Stop Wearing & How To Style It
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Standing amongst these khaki coloured fields displaying differing shades of green, I watched the world go by at the top of the hill. Children played, people walked their dogs and I just sat there, thinking. Life is like piecing together an outfit, I thought. An interesting, possibly even strange analogy but one that I’m sure you’ll agree with.

Some days you pick out your outfit with ease, it takes no more than 5 minutes, there’s no need to change numerous times and it just works, those are the good days. Then there’s times when it all feels like a battle, you open those big white doors and stare into what feels like nothingness, and yet you’re surrounded, surrounded by many options but you can’t figure it out, it just doesn’t work. Those, of course, are the not so good days.

The Embroidered Utility Jacket

Mumbling aside, I can’t even begin to explain how many compliments I’ve had on this piece alone, but… and it’s a big but, it seems to be a bit of a marmite item with quite a few expressing their dislike for it too. Clearly it’s an item I love and one I seem to be pairing with everything. Khaki being one of the main shades I wear and a little browse through the ‘Fashion‘ section will cement that even further.

So obviously the khaki shade means it’s a big hit for me, but what else do I love about it? The fit of this utility style jacket is lovely, with a slightly longer length than your average jacket it gives the illusion of a longer torso and helps to hide my chunky thighs. It’s also not too oversized and mine in a size 10 is flattering around the tummy even when buttoned up. Then there’s that rather vibrant embroidered Moroccan style tile design on the back with vivid pinks, purples, red, blues and greens. Lovely!

How To Style It

You’d think it’d be rather difficult to style a statement jacket like this, but in fact it’s so easy! Pop it with black, whites and grey t-shirts with denim jeans for a simple look, or mint or pink like I’ve done here. It can also be worn with black, grey or white jeans instead of your bog standard blue denim. Try ripped boyfriend or mom jeans with white Converse or Adidas Stan Smiths for a cool laid back vibe or dress is up with a pair of smart black trousers, a lacy camisole and a pair of heels. I’m desperate to try it out with an off the shoulder white floaty top, mid-toned denim jeans and pointed ankle boots (think western style).

Don’t be warned off by statement pieces like this jacket because you’re unsure how to pair it, it’s all about looking at the colours that are already in it and experimenting a little.

What To Buy

WEARING: Rochelle Humes by Very Embroidered Military Jacket, H&M Draped Vintage Pink Top, H&M Ripped Skinny Jeans, Asos Sandals (similar),  Low Luv Erin Wasson Necklace, Primark Bag

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