Top 10 Car Security Systems

Top 10 Car Security Systems
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A car is one of the most important investments a person can make. There are only a few other purchases (like a new house) that may be compared to it. That is why it makes sense to take care of your car security in advance.

According to statistics, the number of car thefts keeps growing every year. Fortunately, modern security systems can do wonders, when it comes to ensuring the security of your vehicle. Read on to find out more about the current top 10 car security systems:

1. OnStar

This is one of the most popular car security systems available on the market. This device operates over the US digital cellular network and uses a unique “three button system” communication. This makes it possible to contact the company ‘round-the-clock, by pressing only one button. Once you get lost, you can get in touch with the operator by pushing the first button. The second button provides a hands-free calling option, while the third button allows you to make an emergency call. The system also has GPS tracking features and can notify an operator automatically, in case of a real emergency.

2. LoJack

The system uses radio-tracking options to find and recover stolen cars. It can help to track the location of your vehicle, even in places where GPS navigators fail. As long as the system is tied to your car’s unique identification code (VIN), the police can use it to automatically identify the location of a stolen car.

3. BMW Assist and Security Plus

This is BMW’s answer to the OnStar system, which can automatically detect the collision, let you communicate with a specialist in case of emergency and ensure remote door unlocking. The device uses GPS navigation system for tracking the location of your car and a cellular system for communication. The Security Plus feature offers additional safety options, including sirens, rear- and front-cameras, armor plating etc.

4. CarShield

Once plugged into the diagnostics port of any car post-1995 produced car, the device makes it possible to access the car’s computer system and transmit data to any device that is connected to the internet. This helps to monitor the car’s heat level and battery status, as well as to identify other problems. The system is integrated with GPS and it can send alert signals to your phone or e-mail.

5. Commando FM-870

This keychain pager can help you to unlock your car doors without using keys. It can also start and engine from a nearly 2500 feet distance. In case of a forced entry, the device will send an alert message, to keep you informed about the potential danger.

6. Viper 1002

This device comes with 2 remote controls, each one of which has 4 buttons. The remotes operate on radio signals and can operate up to a 1300 feet distance. The system has 2 kinds of alarms – a more powerful one and a lighter one (depending on how big the threat on your car is). It also has such features as keyless trunk opening and entry, remote engine start and more.

7. Cobra 8510

The system functions like a powerful immobilizer that can disable certain components in the engine, thus making it impossible to start it up. The device can also shut down the ignition system, so that it could become difficult to hotwire a car and start up the engine without a key. Cobra 8510 comes with 2 keys, which are used to deactivate the system. Just keep them safe and your car will be safe as well.

8. Cobra Trak 5

The system is equipped with a unique automatic driver recognition feature that establishes a connection between your car and a special card, which you should always carry with you. As soon as the card is no longer in a car, the system gets activated and notifies the operating center each time the car is moved. Cobra Trak 5 also features GPS tracking and remote engine immobilization options, which help to find a car, if it gets stolen.

9. VINshield

Since each vehicle has its unique identification number (VIN), it’s possible to protect your car from being stolen, by using the VIN etching technology. VINshienld system makes it easy to apply the identification number of your car to the car windows, by etching the code into the glass. You can do it yourself, once you purchase an etching kit. The kit has 2 warning stickers and a special chemical agent, which is used in order to etch the code. This helps both keep potential thieves away from your car and makes it impossible to sell the car “as is”.

10. Nissan Vision 2015

The aim of this project is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths, caused by car accidents. One of its most crucial concepts drunk driving prevention option. How is that possible? Nissan Vision 2015 has sensors that are built in the car seats and gearshift. These sensors can identify alcohol concentration in the driver’s perspiration.

The system is also equipped with a camera that monitors the driver’s eyes before he/she starts the engine. If there are any signs of drunkenness or drowsiness are detected, the system will produce a loud voice alert and tighten the seat belt, in order to prevent the driver from falling asleep.

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